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Juliana Herrero, born 1975 in Choele Choel, Rio Negro, Patagonia Argentina, studied at INSA (Instituto Superior de Artes, General Roca, Rio Negro) and in 2001 graduated from architecture at UBA, University of Architecture, Design and Urbanism, Buenos Aires where she was also assistant at the architecture class III leaded by Prof. Alberto Varas. In 2004 she completed her postgraduate studies in Conceptual Design (class of Prof. Ben van Berkel) at the Staatliche Hochschule für Bildende Künste, Städelschule in Frankfurt am Main, with the design thesis *Timeless garden* and the Essay *Film makers- Architectural simulation*, supervised by Prof. Mark Wigley, joining later the Film class leaded by Prof.Mark Lecky.

Juliana Herrero worked for several art and architecture studios in Buenos Aires, Frankfurt and Vienna. She is active at the boundaries of disciplines and within her work she explores territories of complexities, swelling between illusion and reality. Her work comes from a spatial sensibility and unfolds in an interdisciplinary field, mostly expressed through spatial interventions, compositions, installations, mix media and film works. She is also interested in a trans-cultural space questioning identity and fostering miscellaneous ways of production developed at the crossing of cultures, languages and bordering lines of disciplines, connecting art and life. In 2010 she initiated with Ivana Reyero, 'A La Rueda Rueda' at WUK. Since Jannuary, 2010, Juliana Herrero is an accademical assistant at the Art and Science department of the University of Applied Arts, Vienna, leaded by Professor Virgil Widrich.