Katarina Pejovic

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Katarina Pejovic is a Zagreb-based dramaturg and intermedia artist. She has authored and co-authored theatre projects, intermedia projects, video works, documentary movies and experimental audio works that were presented at various festivals (Ars Electronica, Steierischer Herbst, Eurokaz, LIFT, Wiener Festwochen, BITEF, etc.).

She has initiated or took part in different cultural-political-social projects (Mobile Theatre Network, hEXPO, Zagreb Cultural Capital of Europe 3000 etc.); and organized festivals and collaborated with numerous groups and platforms (Cosmo-Kinetical Theatre Red Pilot, KPGT, 42, Zeramulix etc.).

She is the co-founder (along with Boris Bakal) of Bacaci Sjenki (Shadow Casters) as well as co-author of most of its projects. Shadow Casters is an artistic organisation that works to reconstruct the possibility of community in a time of ruthless social change.