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Katja Kobolt (Ljubljana/Munich) is a cultural producer, curator and theorist. She holds a MA in comparative literature and media studies of the University Ljubljana and a PhD in interdisciplinary literary studies from University Ludwig-Maximilian Munich (Frauen Schreiben Geschichte(n): Krieg, Geschlecht und Erinnern im ehemaligen Jugoslawien, 2009). Her articles and essays on literature and art have been published internationally. She has curated and produced various cultural projects in Ljubljana, Munich, Zagreb, Bratislava, Sarajevo and Berlin. Between 2000-2008 she was collaborating with the Festival City of Women, where she finally worked as an artistic co-director. In 2010 she was a guest lecturer at the Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany. Recently she has been working as an artistic director of the Cross Border Experience project, organized by The Peace Institute Ljubljana. In her curatorial practice as well as in theoretical engagement she worked on different issues such as war, gender and memory, war and economy, critique of nationalism, environment, cultural construction of periphery etc., always following a politically and socially engaged agenda.