Ken Rinaldo

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Ken Rinaldo (born 1958) is an American/French/Scottish artist. He creates interactive art installations that explore the intersection between natural and technological systems. His robotic and bio-art installations seek to merge the organic and electromechanical seamlessly, expressing a gentle symbiosis. His works are influenced by living systems theories, artificial life research, interspecies communication and the idea of emergent properties. His work also deals with ecological issues often overlooked in favor of technological progress. Rinaldo's best known works are Autopoiesis (2000), an a-life robotic installation exploring the idea of group consciousness, and Augmented Fish Reality (2004), a series of fish-driven robots. In 2001 he received the first prize at the VIDA 3.0 International Artificial Life Competition for Autopoiesis and an honorable mention at Ars Electronica in 2001 for the same installation. Augmented Fish Reality received an award of distinction at the Ars Electronica Festival in 2004. Rinaldo directs the Art & Technology programme in the Department of Art at the main campus of the Ohio State University.