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Kirill Medvedev (Кирилл Феликсович Медведев, 1975) is a Russian poet, translator, publisher and political activist.

He is a member of the Russian Socialist movement Vpered [Forward], and regularly contributes essays to Chto Delat’ and other opposition magazines. His small press, The Free Marxist Publishing House [Свободное марксистское издательство, SMI], has released his translations of Pasolini, Eagleton, and Goddard, as well as numerous books at the intersection of literature, art and politics. He is also singer and guitarist of the band "Arkady Kots" [Аркадий Коц].



  • Vso plokho [Всё плохо], Moscow: ОГИ, 2000, 88 pp. (Russian)
  • Vtorzheniye [Вторжение], Moscow: АРГО-РИСК, 2002, 160 pp. (Russian)
  • Teksty, izdannyye bez vedoma avtora [Тексты, изданные без ведома автора], Moscow: НЛО, 2005, 226 pp. (Russian)
  • 3%. Stikhi [3 %. Стихи], Moscow: Свободное марксистское издательство, 2007, 14 pp. (Russian)
  • Zhit' dolgo, umeret' molodym [Жить долго, умереть молодым], [St Petersburg, 2011], 60 pp. — (Kraft: Книжная серия альманаха «Транслит» и Свободного марксистского издательства). (Russian)
  • It's No Good: Poems/Essays/Actions, trans. Keith Gessen, with Mark Krotov, Cory Merrill, and Bela Shayevich, New York: n+1/Ugly Duckling Presse, 2012. Selection from his four books of poetry as well as his most significant essays. Excerpts, [1]. (English)
    • Alles is slecht. Gedichten/Essays/Acties, trans. Pieter Boulogne, intro. Keith Gessen, ed. Frank Keizer, Leesmagazijn, 2014. [2] (Dutch)
  • Pokhod na meriyu [Поход на мэрию], Moscow: Свободное марксистское издательство/ Транслит, 2014, 51 pp. (Russian)