Koen Bruynseels

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Born 1970. Bio-engineer and Doctor in Biomedical Sciences (KULeuven). His interest in complex biological and social systems gave rise to the development of 3D multi-user environments in early 1996 (CyberTheatre, Brussels, Belgium; Virtual Worlds, Paris, France; Siggraph, Orlando, USA). In collaboration with artists and engineers (Sesuad'ra) further multi-user experiments balancing on the edge of technology, science and art were following. Standalone-installations (JesusXsuperart, 2000, Heusden-Zolder, Belgium) were also realized.

Koen Bruynseels is one of the driving forces behind EXIT vzw - an organisation focused on new media and art. Together with a group of artists and engineers he investigated in 1999 and 2000 the relation between the virtual and physical space, in a network of expositions and connected web-spaces. Other projects are the write-experiment in Flemish libraries in 2000 (in collaboration with about hundred cyberwriters), and the 'dynamic architecture'-environment (@rtef@ct-festival, Brabant, Be; I3 workshop, Porto, Portugal; Cursor project, Tokyo, Japan, 2002).

Lives in Wichelen, Belgium.