Korinna Patelis

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Korinna Patelis has been researching the sociocultural structures of new media for nearly since the late 1990s. She read Philosophy and Politics at Warwick University and has a Masters in Media and Communications, from Goldsmiths College. Her PhD, supervised by J. Curran and completed at Goldsmiths in 2000 was on the Political Economy of the Internet, which is also the subject of her early publications. Korinna has been working in new media as well as teaching new media for more than a decade mostly in Greece, and joined the Department of Communication and Internet Studies at the Cyprus University of Technology, as an assistant professor in September 2009. Her research interests currently focus around the web’s commercial taxonomy, the representational structures of web sites and the power of social media. Her research is interdisciplinary and struggles with methodological issues arising from approaching software as culture. Her current writing explores social media as social text using the example of Facebook. Attempting to refashion a radical political economy perspective in new media research, the politics of the internet as well as its regulation lie at the heart of Korinna’s research interests in and outside the academy.