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Kunsthaus KuLe is a nonprofit cultural organisation located in a five-storey altbau building on Auguststraße in Mitte-Berlin. The house was originally squatted by a group of art students from the former ‘West Berlin’, shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Founded as a community of creative practitioners and as a living project, the house is called KuLe (short for Kunst und Leben / Art and Life).

To support its renovation (1994-98), the house-project received funding from the Berlin Senate to create four floors of dedicated living space (one of which consists of the communal kitchen, dining and lounge), an exhibition space, a theatre and a façade gallery.

For 27 years, the community has cultivated many diverse artistic practices in various fields, including visual art, contemporary dance, art history, philosophy, theatre, experimental and electronic music.

Cultural exchange has been always part of the everyday life. KuLe was since 1990 a home for around 500 people as residents or guests from all over the world.

In 2015 a comprehensive book has been published about the history of this unique place in the context of the alternative urban development in Berlin-Mitte.

Currently KuLe is negotiating with the private owners for a new longtime leasing contract. (2023)

KuLe (culture & life) is a longtime project and artist community. The house has been squatted in 1990 by a group of theatre students. In the middle of the nineties they could get a contract and renovate the building. The 14 artists living in the house now use the basement for performance research, rehearsals and for various non-profit public activities, mainly concerts. (2006)

Location: Auguststr 10 Mitte, Berlin.