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Born in Budapest on 23 March 1943, Laszlo Dubrovay attended the Bela Bartok Conservatory and the Academy of Music, graduating in 1966. His professors of composition were Istvan Szelenyi, Ferenc Szabo and Imre Vincze. On a scholarship of the Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD),he continued his studies in West Germany between 1972 and 1974; he took courses in composition with Karlheinz Stockhausen and in electronic music with Hans-Ulrich Rumpert. In 1975, Dubrovay was commissioned by Westdeutscher Rundfunk, Cologne, to realise the electronic composition Sogaj (Sigh) in the electronic studios of WDR. Since 1976, he has taught music theory at the Budapest Academy of Music. 1985, he spent a year in West Berlin within the framework of the Berliner Künstlerprogramm. Laszlo Dubrovay has realised electronic and computer music in the electronic studios of WDR, the West Berlin University of Technology, in Freiburg, Stockholm, Bourges and Budapest. Prizes: 1973 Szczecin - 1st prize (Delivrance for Organ) 1974, Triest - 2nd prize (Succession for orchestra), 1985 Budapest - Erkel prize. Since 1976 he is professor at the Academy of Music Budapest. In 1965 "Artist in Berlin".

Electronic and tape music
  • Mutations 1972 Tape music
  • Kyrie 1973 Tape music
  • E-Trio for Violin, Percussion and Synthesizer 1974 Live electronic music
  • Geometrum 1974 Tape music
  • Sigh 1974 Tape music
  • A2 for Violin, Cello, Percussion, Piano and Synthesizer. 1975. Live electronic music
  • Endless Dance 1975 Tape music
  • Endless Movement 1975 Tape music
  • Endless Rest 1975 Tape music
  • Sequence for Flute and Synthesizer 1975 Live electronic music
  • Oscillations No. 1 1975 Live electronic music
  • Oscillations No. 2 1976 Live electronic music
  • Number Play No. 2 1976 Live and tape music
  • Oscillations No. 3 1977 Live electronic music
  • S.O.S., for tape 1979 Tape music
  • Verses 1980 Live electronic music
  • Suite for Piano and Synthesizer 1981 Live electronic music
  • Harmonics No. 2 1983 Computer music
  • Parte con moto 1984 Computer music
  • Sonata for Computer 1984 Computer music
  • Symphonia 1985 Computer music
  • Psychographic 1988 Tape music
  • Desire of the Molecules, The 1989 Computer music
  • On the Shore of Events 1989 Computer music
  • Concertino for Piano and Tape. 1990. Live electronic music
  • Ear Music 1992 Live electronic music
  • Cry into the Night 1996 Computer music


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