László Kozma

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Laszlo Kozma was born on the 28th November in 1902, in Miskolc. He applied for BME in 1921.he didn't pass into, so he got a job as an electrician for "Egyesült Izzó". Kozma was interested in every electronic circuit drawing passionately, and started to study English in order to be allowed to study the documents in original one. The specialists of the united glowing head acknowledged his talent, with a scholarship was provided to him because of this.In this manner after 1925 for one of the largest polytechnics of the century's first half, he had been the Brünn German technical university’s student.Since 1930 he had been an engineer in Antwerpen for Bell Telphone Company. He had taken part of in Several European countries (Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, etc.) in the development of his distance choice system, and the newest telephone exchanges, the 7E and it in mA development.Between 1934 and 1938 more than 25 handed he in a patent, according to the legend more, than the rest of the factory's engineers altogether. The factory's headmaster entrusted he on 1938 of his fronts, that from the components which can be found in the factory, which were manufactured for the telephone exchanges, let he make a counter prepare equipment. At the beginning of 1938 the headmaster of the factory ask him to make a calculator from components. The headmasters didn't tell him, that the machine that he had evolved would play a role in the war. The Germans occupied Belgium, then Kozma put his machines on a ship and send them to America to save them. The Germans sank the ship by a submarine. He was returned with a Kossuth-prize in 1948. In the Budapest Electronic University'teacher is the one people who maked the electrical engineer faculty. First in the Standard lawsuit onto a death then a serious prison-punishment had he gaved. After his escape he were again the BME's professor, where he maked the country's first receiver computer,it called:MESZ 1,that they beginning to operate. László Kozma died in the 9th of November in 1983,in Budapest.