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Leonard Bruce Archer (1922-2005) was a design theorist, engineer and academic.

Between 1956-60, Archer lectured in Industrial Design Engineering at the Central School of Art and Design, London. In 1960, Tomás Maldonado invited him to join the faculty of the Ulm School of Design, where he wanted Archer to mediate between several camps of faculty who had firmly set views about the nature of design (he stayed there for the academic year 1960/61). Afterwards, Archer was recruited by Misha Black to be Research Fellow at the Royal College of Art, to head a research project on the design of hospital equipment. Between 1964-c84, Archer served as the head of the Industrial Design Research Unit (later Department of Design Research) at Royal College of Art, London

In 1988-90 he was chair of the Design Research Society; in 1992-2000 its honorary president.


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