La Colonie Volvox

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La Colonie Volvox was formed 2002 in Skopje, Macedonia by several enthusiastic musicians, determined to dig deep into the avant-garde, aside from their “regular” engagements. Some of them remained until present – Sasho Gigov-Gish, Dragan Stojkovski, Goce Naumov - and alongside Aleksandar Nikolovski, Simon Kiselicki and Predrag Ikonomovski form the core of the group. Still, the Colonie remains an open micro-society, collaborating with prominent Macedonian artists, such as Kristijan Cvetkovski, Ognen Anastasovski, Vladan Drobicki, Vasko Bojadziski, Stefche Stojkovski, Mihail Parushev, Nenad Nedelkov, Igor Atanasovski, Vladimir Ikonomov, Gjoko Gruevski, Bulent Bekir-Baba, among others. La Colonie Volvox has four official releases: Abstractology (2006, SJF Records), Wasteland (2006, SJF Records), Europa (2009, EGoEast Records) and East West And Rest (2010, EGoEast Records). The music of La Colonie Volvox has two landmarks: first, it is composed ad hoc, including the occasional overdubbing and second, it often incorporates world music elements, blended into the jazz ambiance. However, the manner of composing and performing is always experimental, revolving around the unpredictable expressing of the personal views - a process of free pervading of the individual inspirations, talents and attitudes of the participants.