Le Placard

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Le Placard is a headphone concert festival, playing with concentration, intimacy, time warp, and teleportation. It goes on for 95 days non stop, in different cities. It functions under a mode of open program, open for headphone rooms to create performance spaces where performers are welcomed to perform. Both the headphone-room 'owner' and the performers use the inscription site to self organize the global program. The placard "owner" receives in his room performers who have submitted a inscription via the site, and streams the shows to the other headphone-rooms either passive listeners or waiting to perform . The site is designed to simplify communication in-between the performers and the organizers, using automatic emails notifying of incoming inscriptions, accepted, deplaced or refused performances; also notifying performers of the creation of headphone-rooms in their city.

Placard started off in 1998 in Paris, #2 moved to Vienna, #3 was based in Paris, but Lisbon, Brussels & Vienna participated via stream, #4 took place in Paris and Vienna, #5 in Paris and Tokyo. In 2003 quite a few cities participated: Tokyo - Hannover - Grenoble - Barcelona - Strasbourg - Lyon - Bordeaux - Neufchatel - Leipzig - Hamburg - Marseille - Brussels - Mulhouse - New York - London - Melbourne and Paris. In 2004 the festival hit the worldwide status.