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Leo Marx is a Senior Lecturer, Kenan Professor of American Cultural History, Emeritus (STS). Leo Marx received his B.A. (History and Literature, 1941) and his Ph.D. (History of American Civilization, 1950) from Harvard University. He taught at the University of Minnesota and Amherst College before coming to MIT in 1976. His work examines the relationship between technology and culture in 19th and 20th century America.


  • The Machine in the Garden: Technology and the Pastoral Ideal in America, 1964
  • The Pilot and the Passenger: Essays on Literature, Technology, and Culture in America (1988)
  • editor (with Merritt Roe Smith), Does Technology Drive History?: The Dilemma of Technological Determinism, 1994
  • editor (with Bruce Mazlish), Progress: Fact or Illusion? (1996)