Les Virtualistes

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The artist group Les Virtualistes was founded by Pascal Schmitt and Christine Treguier in June 1991 in Paris. It specializes in appropriation and detournement of the so-called "new technologies". Les Virtualistes conceive performances and installations revealing these new tools' ambiguity. Their artworks criticize the mirages of digital society and question information, communication, mediation and what is called "reality", with the motto "We remind you that there are other possibilities".

They first appeared on the web (Babelweb.org) in 1993. They participated to numerous international exhibitions and events. In 1993 and 1995 they organised Voyages Virtuels 1 and 2 (with Les Trois Suisses & Actuel), two pioneering and free exhibitions presenting a selection of virtual reality applications and interactive artworks from international artists.