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Lia is an early pioneer of software art and internet art. Since 1995, her work is concerned with the artistic possibilities of code, digital video, on-line methodology and user-specific applications - seemingly different activities that she manages to bind together trough her unique approach to creativity and production. In a painterly, conceptual manner, Lia creates live-performances, real time sceneries, projections and installations in public spaces.

Lia's works have been presented internationally in numerous festivals. She has received numerous awards and honors, among others a distinction from Ars Electronica Festival for, and she exhibited in museums and galleries worldwide.

Over the last few years she has taught at the Fachhochschule Joanneum in Graz, Austria, the École Cantonalle d'Art de Lausanne, Switzerland, and the University for Fine Arts, Oslo, Norway.

Lia lives and works primarily in Vienna.