Lil Buddies Magazine

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Lil' Buddies Magazine, 1
Editor Edie Fake
Language English
Publisher Secret Acres ($4)
City Brooklyn, NY
Year 2013
Pages 40
Format 14 cm x 10.8 cm
Fabrication Softcover, stapled, silkscreen cover with full color offset
E-book PDF (12 mb)

Lil' Buddies Magazine is a publishing project by artist Edie Fake. Fake and contributors collect and present numerous photos of those frequently hand-painted anthropomorphic friends one can find in laundromats, ice cream carts, taco shops, and any other business or product that might benefit from having an object that has been given a happy face to put a personal spin on their goods and services.

Fake writes: “We live in an anthropomorphized world, a place where we assign to our surroundings traits that reflect our own image. From this basic impulse the phenomena of the Lil' Buddy unwittingly arises. Tapped directly into a human desire to relate through recognition, Lil' Buddies are rooted in a yearning to of the spirit to see ourselves as part of everything and, vice versa, to see everything as part of us. Lil' Buddies negotiate that tendency towards universality by integrating human images directly onto inanimate objects.”