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Luís Costa is a founding member and currently the president of Binaural and Associação Cultural de Nodar, the two organizations that manage Nodar Artist Residency Center, a space devoted to media arts in a rural context. Luís Costa is the responsible for the institutional, financial and production areas in both organizations.

Having a long standing interest on the new media arts (since 1991), Luís Costa started to write articles and recensions in several fanzines and blogs. He has been a regular collaborator of contemporary arts and rural development magazines ([up]arte, Aldeia, etc.). Between 2004 and 2006 he directed the first Portuguese blog fully dedicated to sound art (Binauralia).

In 2005 Luís developed a theoretical and historical contextualization on sound art for a workshop directed by Nilo Gallego in MUSAC - Contemporary Art Museum of León, Spain. Within the scope of Fronte[i]ras 07 - International Meeting of Transdisciplinary Arts, organized by Binaural and Alg-a (Galicia, Spain), he coordinated the lecture and debate sessions with the presence of the participating artists and invited theorists. Between 2004 and 2006 he collaborated with the Portuguese sound art label sirr.

Since May 2008, Luís Costa coordinates the “Cinema nas Aldeias” (Cinema in the Villages”) project, a regular and itinerant program of documentary movies exhibition that takes place in the most isolated villages of the S. Pedro do Sul municipality.