Ludwig Boltzmann Institut Media.Art.Research.

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The objective of the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute Media.Art.Research. in Linz is to do innovative research leading to the development of strategies to document, describe and conserve digital artworks and works of media art. The Institute’s most immediate task is to apply rigorous scholarly methods to the artworks and documentation thereof collected in the Ars Electronica Archive. Bringing together science, art, technology and mediation in a single facility is designed to achieve a new level of quality in our dealings with the digital world we live in.

Four institutions are collaborating on this joint venture: the Ludwig Boltzmann Society, the Linz University of Art, the Ars Electronica Center and Linz’s Lentos Museum of Art. Founded in 2005, the institute has been set to run for seven years, during which time it will function as a node within an extensive international network. As an approach to linking scholarly research to its application in actual practice, the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute Media.Art.Research has established three main lines of research dealing with the following core issues: Media Art History and Media Theory, Content Management Design, Tool Design and Visualization.

Director: Dieter Daniels.