Luis Alvarado

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Luis Alvarado (Lima, 1980) studied Audiovisual Communication at Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú. An independent curator and researcher with a focus on the relationships between art and sound, and experimental music, Alvarado is also a poet and sound artist and has developed various projects related to sound and visual poetry. Luis Alvarado is the director of the record label and concert promoter Buh Records, internationally recognized as one of the most important labels in Latin America. With more than 150 productions released, between new music and archival material, Buh Records is an outstanding contributor to Peruvian and Latin American avant-garde and experimental music. Alvarado has curated various documentary exhibitions including: Resistencias: primeras vanguardias musicales en el Perú (Resistances: first musical vanguards in Peru) (2006), Inventar la voz: nuevas tradiciones orales (Inventing the voice: new oral traditions) (2009) and Hacer la audición: Encuentros entre arte y sonido en el Perú (Audition: Encounters between art and sound in Peru) (2016). (2020)