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The Media Research Center at the Department of Sociology and Communications of BUTE Budapest.

MOKK was founded in 2002 as a joint effort of the Department of Sociology and Communication at the Budapest University of Technologyand Economy and the Hungarian telco MATÁV Rt with the aim of furthering multi-disciplinary research and education in the field of new media in Hungary. MOKK's teaching and research staff comes from various academic backgrounds - such as economics, urban sociology, media studies, cultural studies, computer science, cognitive sciences and linguistics - but share an interest in new media technologies.

MOKK is involved in several on-going R&D projects such as the National Digital Archive; Szószablya (Wordchopper), an open source morphological analysis application for the Hungarian language; Hunglish, an open source mechanical statistical translator application (Hungarian-English; English-Hungarian); and Agyfarm (Brainfarm), an integrated on-line group-work, publication and communication platfrorm for Hungarian academic researchers.

Head: Katalin S.Nagy.