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Artist Association MUU is an artist run, Finnish interdisciplinary artist association, founded in 1987 to represent and promote new and experimental forms of art. These are such as media art, performance, video, environmental, space and conceptual art, sound and other experimental modes of cultural production.

The aims of Muu are to develop the collaboration and interchange of artists working within different fields, to produce projects, events, seminars and exhibitions of the Muu ("the Other") art fields and to arouse cultural political discussion. Muu operates with Finnish and international cultural and educational organizations.

Muu Media Base was opened in 1995. It is a Mcintosh platform for artists working with cd-rom, Internet, digital image processing, sound and video. Media Base offers artists independent computer access, a variety of workshops and a possibility to do their own projects. There are also courses and workshops to provide both basic and specialized computer skills.

MUU Gallery is a non-commercial gallery in the centre of Helsinki. Exhibitions are chosen by an Exhibition group. An important criteria when choosing exhibitions is that chosen ones probably not would not find another gallery because of their artistic nature.

Muu members are accepted by the board of Muu and they come from different fields of art. Members are informed about exhibitions, projects, festivals etc. The membership card offers discounts in various museums and artist stores. Members can get very cheap courses and they have permission to work in Muu Media Base. Muu is a member of Artists' Associations of Finland, so members have access to the services of this organization, for example expert assistance in legal matters concerning artists.