Mara Karayanni

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Born Athens, Greece
Lives in Athens, Greece
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Mara Karayanni (Μάρα Καραγιάννη, 1979, Athens) is a software developer, sysadmin and artist. Their work swings between computational and analogue media for publishing, zine and print-making, to python programming, and writing manuals for sysadmin tasks to more cultural and gender critique based texts about internet technologies and FOSS. They are part of the feminist servers anarchaserver and systerserver, where they host mailing lists, code repository, wiki, streaming and archive interfaces for video based events and experimental artworks about cyber and techno-feminism. They studied graphic arts at the Fine Arts School of Athens and hold a Masters in media design from the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam (2008). They lived in Rotterdam, Brussels, Paris and Athens. (2022)