Marika Dermineur

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Involved in installations and netart works. Active member of the experimental web platform, founder and responsable of The Upgrade! Paris. Co-founder of SPE collective, co-curator of V.O.S.T. events. Works 02-06:, Keyboard (,, The Inhabitants (Impakt Online), La Chute. Festivals and exhibitions:,, “Freewawes”, Hammer Museum, “Translation” at Basekamp Gallery (us), File Festival (br), Videoformes, “Nuit Blanche” (fr, it), Espace d’art Contemporain de Ruart, Vancouver’s New Forms Festival 04 (ca), V2, Impakt Festival(nl), La Chambre Blanche 06, first price for netart in Filmwinter 03 (de), SCAM price 03. Teacher in Université Rennes 2. Graduated at la Sorbonne, Arts Décoratifs and Arts et Métiers (Paris). Lives in Paris.