Mark Peter Wright

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Mark Peter Wright is an artist based in London. His work positions listening as both a poetic and political act: one that invites a complex and varied approach to documentation and production. He works across sound, image, objects and text, endeavouring to fuse sensorial processes with place-based subjects and materials. His work animates debate around the dialectics of place, documentation as a creative form of production and the potential for listening as artistic practice.

He has exhibited, published and broadcast works across a variety of international venues, festivals, labels and media; including large-scale commissions and funding awards. In 2009 he received the British Composer of the Year Award [Sonic Arts] for his work A Quiet Reverie [2008]. In 2012 he was nominated for a Prix Ars Electronica award in Digital Musics & Sound Art. He is also the founder of Ear Room and is represented by IMT Gallery.