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Martin Blažíček (1976) is a film/video maker and media artist from Prague. His work includes short films, videos, live image performances and objects. Since 2000 he performed live film and video solo, and in various groups and collaborations, including Ultra (2000-02), Mikroloops (2007-11) or with Steven Ball, Andras Blazsek, Zenial, Arszyn, Hannes Hoelzl, Bryan Eubanks, Kateřina Zochová, Vojta Procházka, Michal Zbořil and many others. He curated NoLab at Roxy/Nod Prague (2007-09) and ScreenLab series at Školská 28 Gallery Prague (2010-12) Prague. He is a founding member of project and of Kolektiv.

He published texts on music, film and media arts in Cinepur, A2, Film a doba and other journals. He teaches at the Center for Audiovisual studies at the Film academy of performing arts.

His films and live performances were shown at MAK Vienna, High Zero at Theatre Project Baltimore, Optosonic Tea at Diapason Gallery NY, Lux London, Anthology Film NY, DDM Gallery Shanghai, IDFF Jihlava, PAF Olomouc, City Gallery Leeds, Arnolfini Bristol, Entropia Gallery Wroclaw, Zamok Ujazdovski Warsaw, Dom Kino Minsk, Art Factory Lodz, Cinema Nova Brusel, Galerie Rudolfinum Prague, IFF Rotterdam, and more.