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Known for integrating innovative and socially engaged approaches to contemporary art practice since 1993, Maska Institute engages in contemporary art production, publishing, education, research, and activism. Since 2017, Maska runs Nova pošta (The New Post Office) project together with Mladinsko Theatre.

The institute has been publishing the performing arts journal Maska [The Mask], a successor to the modernist magazine of the same name launched in 1920, since 1993, with bilingual (English and Slovenian) editions available since 2002.

Editors-in-chief: Rade Pregarc (1920-21), Peter Božič & Tone Peršak (1985-1990), Maja Breznik (1991-1993), Irena Štaudohar (1993-1998), Janez Janša (1998-2006), Katja Praznik (2007-2009), Maja Murnik (2011), Amelia Kraigher (2012-2017), Andreja Kopač (2018), Pia Brezavšček & Rok Bozovičar (2019-). [1]