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Born 1957 in Algeria, has been exploring the potential of 3D computer graphics' animation and Virtual Reality for almost twenty years. Since 1984, Maurice Benayoun has been teaching at the Parisian Sorbonne and has been a „visiting artist“ at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts of Paris. In 1987 he co-founded Z-A Production, one of the oldest companies in France within the field of new media, where he currently works as director of creation. His current activities focus on developing the artistic potential of virtual reality, audiovisual data spaces and interactive concepts.

Maurice Benayoun's work has been widely exhibited all over the world and has received numerous international awards and prizes. Together with Jean Baptist Barrière he received in 1998 the Golden Nica for his CAVE-installation „World Skin“.

His most famous works are Emotional Traffic, (Linz 2005), Cosmopolis (Shanghai 2005), Far Near (e-motion) (2001), Labylogue, Art Impact (2000), The Tunnels (1995-99), The Big Questions (1994-97), Après Musée Explorable (1993).

  • Immersing in Transformed Realities

Maurice Benayoun in Conversation with Sabine Breitsameter. October 2005.