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As an organisation, Moscow MediaArtLab has existed since May 2000. It was launched by an initial group consisting of Alexei Isaev (art director), Olga Shishko (curator), and Tatiana Goryucheva (coordinator) in fall 1998 and primarily had the status of a special program of the former Soros Center for Contemporary Art in Moscow. The general idea was to establish an information and research center whose task would be to stimulate development of media art in Russia through the accumulation of information exchange between Russian and international media communities, as well as through elaborating a platform for critical and innovative approaches to the use of new technologies within the cultural context.

The first project of MediaArtLab was two parallel Internet festivals organised in spring 1999. Da-Da-Net, an international festival of net art projects, and Trash Art. In July 2000 MediaArtLab held Media Forum in the frame of the XXII Moscow International Film Festival, since then it is an annual event.

Other staff: Elena Rumyantseva (Program director), Konstantin Bokhorov(international curator).

MediaArtLab projects[edit]

DaDaNet festival
Trash Art web resources festival
Pro & Contra international symposium

(Russian State University for the Humanities, Musei Kino, the Marat Guelman Gallery, TV Gallery, the Federal Government, Moscow). More than 1000 participants. The program included paper presentations, workshops, seminars, video screenings, multimedia parties and round table discussions.

Monthly screenings

of video art works from our mediatheque collection at the Cinematographers' Union of Russia. Since 2000. The Avant-garde to Video Art series is weekly shown on Kultura TV channel (on air every Monday) in a joint contract between Kultura channel, Russian Institute for Cultural Research, the Kamerton Sudio and MediaArtLab

Special course in media culture

At the Faculty of Culture management of the Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences (lectures, video screenings)

PolyScreen project

Eight educational series complete with video screenings at our partners’ grounds. Our partners for this project were the Russian State Centre for Contemporary Art (the Nijni Novgorod branch), the Republican Art Museum (Joshkar-Ola), Vasnetsovs’ Art Museum in Kirov and the Bronze Age Fund (Izhevsk). PolyScreen international symposium (Nijni Novgorod) with more than 200 participants from the Volga region (professional museum workers, artists, scholars and lecturers) and 10 Western speakers.

Pro Arte Institute, Saint-Petersburg

Monthly video screenings with introductory lectures for the students of the Multimedia Studio (“Art, Video and TV”, “Aesthetical and technological experiments in video art since 1950s”, “Between cinema and video art”.

Media Culture Bulletin

Contains news on: art TV, radio Net, media art, Net art, editions and web resources on media culture, media labs, foundations and archives of media art (to 2006 six issues were published)

Painting in the era of new media

Series at the Kaliningrad Art Gallery, through a contract between MediaArtLab and Kaliningrad Art Gallery.

Papers on “Archiving and preserving media art works” and “MediaArtLab’s recommendations to UNESCO on preserving and animating the cultural heritage of the twentieth century” were presented at the UNESCO between two phases of the World Summit on the Information Society international conference (St. Petersburg, Russia).

Moving Images multimedia project

Including video and media art exhibitions as well as lectures, video screenings and round table discussions on New technologies art development, Media art latest trends, Museum as the centre for culture animation (at the Chukotka Heritage Museum Centre, Anadyr)

Media Forum

In the framework of Moscow International Film Festival. and many others

International Board[edit]

  • Woody Vasulka – pioneer of media art, founder of the world’s largest media archives «Vasulkas», USA
  • Kirill Razlogov – director of Russian Institute for Cultural Research, Russia
  • Kathy Rae Huffman – Director of Visual Arts at Cornerhouse, Manchester,UK
  • Etienne Sandrin – Attaché de Conservation of Video Archive at the Georges Pompidou National Centre for Art and Culture, France
  • Jan Schuijren – curator, Amsterdam, Netherlands