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Media art practice collection of Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina. Exhibition held 2 Nov - 2 Dec 2010 at Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina in Novi Sad.

Artists: Asocijacija Apsolutno, Heath Bunting, Vuk Cosic, Vladan Joler, Stevan Kojic, Bogdanka Poznanovic, PP Group (Katarina Sevic, Zita Majoros), Pedja Sidjanin, Andrej Tisma, Vladimir Todorovic, Vacuum Pack

Info zone: Department of New media, Academy of Arts in Novi Sad; Institute for New Culture Technologies/t0; Kingdom of Piracy; New Media

The Media Practice Collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina is established with a view to locating and contextualising the artistic practice referred to under the common designation of media practice, usually connected with digital media and with art created as a result of the logic of digital media, information, communication and network technologies. The art works and the artistic practices featured in the collection represent a historical cross-section of artistic production operating within a broad spectrum ranging from computer art, through web art, and installations, to computer games and modes.

Curators: Kristian Lukic, New Media

1st of December, 2010

The conference and discussion proceeds from the idea that today the traditional mechanisms of accumulating and collecting art works face the test of finding new models of using artistic creations, which inevitably follows the transformation of the role of cultural institutions. Proceeding from this starting point, the conference gathers theorists, artists and cultural workers who will analyse various models that exist today when it comes to dealing with, documenting, archiving and disseminating media and broader artistic practice, the status of art collections and their social and economic implications.

Conference editors: Kristian Lukic and Gordana Nikolic