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Media Liberation Front/Feminism (aka MLFF) is a collective for mobile independent media station for demonstrations. MLFF was formed by Viki Semou and Mara Karagianni in February 2011 in order to put their work in the service of the political and cultural actions they wanted to support or initiate. Concerned not about the lack of women’s representation and reporting in the media, but about their lack in development of the medium itself – MLFF put together a media tool by women for everyone. This tool started off with a customized shopping cart and at present has taken the form of a caisson.

MLFF is open to support initiatives against housing speculation and other protests related to the right for social benefits (e.g. free healthcare, accessible education, unemployment wages).


esemou at gmail dot com or mk at graphkraft dot org


The platform is equipped with the following devices:

-a megaphone and a wireless microphone

-FM transmitter for radio broadcasting

-a laptop for interviews and online audio streaming

-a printer for flyers, pickets and posters

-a motor battery to fuel all above props