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Technological and aesthetical issues[edit]

Media art includes projects exploring technological and aeshetical of emerging tools and standards, such as video, computer, mobile devices, internet, software, code, computer games, streaming, GPS, sound production devices, or robotics. These projects usually focus on the manuevre limitations, stereotypes of perception, or aesthetics of these tools.

Social, cultural, legal and political issues[edit]

Looking at the media art and culture mailing lists, conferences and festivals, the current discussions are held on various topics, such as public domain and accessibility of data, software, and devices, democratisation of electromagnetic spectrum (open spectrum), social web (or web 2.0), protection of personal data and identity, and human rights. Projects dealing with these social, cultural, legal and political issues stemmed from media art field and still can be considered as a part of it.

Public domain and accessibility of data, software, and devices[edit]

Protection of personal data and identity[edit]

Democratisation of electromagnetic spectrum[edit]

Social web, web 2.0[edit]

  • Impakt: YourSpace. Social structures, subcultures and identities in Society 2.0, festival, Utrecht, 2008 [11]
  • Culture 2.0: Web 2.0 & Cultural Sector, conference, Amsterdam, 2007 [12]
  • more: social web

Human rights[edit]





Gender, genetic engineering, biotechnology[edit]

Public space[edit]