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Media lab in Katowice, opened in 2012.


Medialab Katowice is a project by the Institution of Culture Katowice: City of Gardens, consisting of a series of workshops, lectures and presentations on audiovisual culture.

It is intended to develop digital competences and foster creativity in its participants through experimenting with new technologies. By creating electronic hardware and software, they are encouraged to learn how to work as a team and knowingly shape media messages.

Medialab provides a forum for exchanging ideas and information, meeting inspirational artists and designers as well as an interdisciplinary platform of collaboration with international originators and institutions. The project is partnered by Katowice’s Rondo Sztuki Art Gallery and Academy of Fine Arts.

Our Philosophy:

Joy of Experimenting: Medialab involves experimenting, fun and inspiring interactions of people with different experience and skills. Our aim is to combine art and design content with various creativity forms based on new technologies. The creative process itself is of greater importance to us than the results of our work. We are not discouraged by minor setbacks, as they add to the overall attraction of our pursuits.

Openness and Responsibility: As Medialab is operated by the Institution of Culture Katowice: City of Gardens, a special focus is laid on the urban context of our activities. Of equal importance to us is also the role of media education. The project is open to people of different social backgrounds and ages. We firmly believe that new technologies, if used wisely, can foster social change.

Networking and Collaboration: Medialab intends to bring together people from different backgrounds. We believe that the most favourable solution for our activity is to combine teamwork with the support of eminent authorities in many fields. Consequently, we work in conjunction with locally, nationally and internationally recognised designers and artists as well as engage in collaborations with prominent European institutions specialising in new media.

Staff: Karol Piekarski, Marek Kiwer. Collaborators: Piotr Ceglarek, Ronnie Deelen, Mischa Kuball, Krzysztof Lenk, Kuba Sojka, Krzysztof Trzewiczek. Institutional partners: Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, Rondo Sztuki Art Gallery, Ars Electronica, Academy of Media Arts Cologne.