Medialab Prado

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Medialab Prado is aimed at the production, research, and dissemination of digital culture and of the area where art, science, technology, and society intersect.

Primary objective is to create a structure where both research and production are processes permeable to user participation. To that end, Medialab Prado offers:
- A permanent information, reception, and meeting space attended by cultural mediators.
- Open calls for the presentation of proposals and participation in the collaborative development of projects.

On-going programmes:

  • Interactivos?: creative uses of electronics and programming
  • research and reflections on the network culture
  • Visualizar: data visualization tools and strategies
  • Laboratorio del Procomún: trans-disciplinary discussion on the Commons
  • AVLAB: audio-visual and sound creation

Director: Juan Carrete
Executive production: José Miguel Medrano
Press Department: Nerea García Garmendia
Administration: Patricia Larrondo
Programme: Marcos García
Content manager: Laura Fernández
Coordination: Sonia Díez Thale
Production: Mónica Cachafeiro