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Lives in Bratislava, Slovakia

Michal Čudrnák (1981) is Head of Digital Collections and Services at Slovak National Gallery (SNG). He has been working at the Slovak National Gallery (SNG) for more than ten years. He took an active part in transitioning the gallery into the digital realm – from cataloguing of works of art, to digitisation, development of online catalogue of Slovak art galleries and several other websites. Currently, he is working also at the Slovak Design Centre/Slovak Design Museum, setting up a new collection management system and making the collections visible online.

Michal graduated in library studies from the Philosophical Faculty of the Comenius University in Bratislava (2006). He was a member of the BURUNDI media lab in Bratislava (2004-05) and co-founded Itchy bit and 13m3 collectives (both in 2005). He lives in Bratislava.