Michal Kindernay

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Michal Kindernay is an intermedia artist working with interactive connections of sound, image, and other inputs. His works include video performances, installations and interactive projects.

He received a Bc from the Faculty of Fine Art at VUT Brno (2004-08, Peter Rónai's video workshop) and an MA from the Center of Audiovisual Studies at FAMU, Prague (2009-12, Miloš Vojtěchovský's workshop).

His early works include cooperations on audiovisual stage performances (2005, with artist Milan Langr and collective Victory Nox) and a series of photographs, videos and installations inspired by insect morphology. Since 2006 he has been also working with live video (Opthalmodensis with Petr Kocourer, Jan Žalio and Ivo Hos). In 2006-07, together with Lenka Dolanová he realised a project connecting the Czech city of Pilsen with the former Czech neighborhood Pilsen in Chicago. With the artist Guy van Belle he collaborated on the research of interrelating the image, sound and atmospheric processes using modified recording devices (Noise Calypsos, 2008; Art Pollution Kit, 2009; Wind[cam], 2010).

He is a co-founder of the artist collective yo-yo, member of RurArtMap and Školská 28 gallery in Prague. He lives in Prague.