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Michiel de Lange (1976) is a part-time Lecturer in New Media Studies, Department of Media and Culture Studies, Utrecht University, Utrecht; co-founder of The Mobile City, a platform for the study of new media and urbanism; and advisor e-culture at Mediafonds.

In 2010 Michiel finished his PhD at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam (Faculty of Philosophy), with a dissertation called Moving Circles mobile media and playful identities (2010). It is about the way mobile media technologies shape the construction of personal and cultural identities, with a particular focus on the urban context. The research was part of a larger project called Playful Identities. Michiel studied Cultural Anthropology and Sociology of non-western societies at the University of Amsterdam. He wrote a master’s thesis about the rise of the internet in Indonesia called Dunia Digit@l: Internet and Modernity in Indonesia 2000 (2001, in Dutch). With Martijn de Waal, Michiel founded The Mobile City, an organization with a research-based approach to how digital media technologies shape urban culture and urban design. Between 2006 – 2007 Michiel collaborated in a locative media art and science project, which took place in Nigeria (www.nomadicmilk.net). Between 2001 – 2005 Michiel worked for Knowledgeland, a Dutch think-tank that aims to strengthen the knowledge-based society (www.knowledgeland.org). He also worked for Cybersoek, a computer neighborhood center in Amsterdam, teaching people of different ages and backgrounds how to use digital media (www.cybersoek.nl). Michiel is a research member of the Center for the Study of Digital Games and Play (GAP) in Utrecht.