Miloš Tomić

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Born 1976 in Belgrade. Artist, filmmaker. At the end of elementary school he started doodling, coloring, collecting objects from the street, photographing, playing some music. During high school he went to "Kvadrat" film school run by Zoran and Svetlana Popović. 1993 - 2002 contributor of the "Beautiful Rhythm of the Heart" radio show. Successfully completed a partner dance course at the Russian Culture Home in 2000. 2001 graduated at the Academy of Art (Directing major) in the class of Miša Radivojević. Finished graduate studies of animation in Prague, at FAMU, in the class of Petr Skala. Was a guest student in Madrid and Berlin. Currently at the doctoral studies, thesis on "Preciousness of discarded objects, i.e. trash as the material for film, photography..." Lives in Prague and Belgrade with frequent, unplanned travels.