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With the topic Mindmapping two approaches were followed. A pschogeographical approach by Kristina Hofer and the approach of tagging by Cuco. All the outcomes were achieved during the letne dielne in August 2006 in cooperation with other people.


When cartography is appropriation, and official cartography the exercise of power, then subjective cartography intends to reclaim space. Based on techniques and theory developed in Spacelab:bj, a psychogeographical mapping project on the city of Beijing, spacelab:zp will explore Zlaté piesky and the surrounding area using a situationist toolbox - the derive, the detour, the pen and the eventual bottle of booze - to collect data to be transformed into a comic zine as an anti-roadmap of meaning, hauntings and loose ends. Krisi did sociology and gender studies in Linz and was in punk and noise bands.

krize3.png - this poem also speaks

Tagging the Lost Free Space[edit]

As part of the Lost Free Space project, participants of Escape planet Google workshop will put their newly gained knowledge into action. They will have to come to grips with semantical tagging of Zlate Piesky and surrounding areas, including the fabulous roman Shopping Palace. Tagging has been brought about by services such as del.icio.us and it denotes the process of associating concepts to objects. We'll unlock old librarian spells of classification and spread them around 13 kubikov via stickers and tags ascribed to photos, the Flickr style.