Miriyam Aouragh

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Miriyam Aouragh is a Reader at Communication And Media Research Institute (CAMRI) at the University of Westminster, London. Miriyam Aouragh began research about the implications of the internet in Palestine. She studies techno-political evolutions during outbreaks of mass revolts in the Middle East and North Africa (Second Intifada 2000, the Arab Uprisings 2011, the Second Wave protests 2016). She received the Rubicon grant in 2009 and a Leverhulme grant in 2011, she continued to research the counter-revolutionary and imperial role of internet and technology. As a media anthropologist, she combines ethnographic offline methodologies (long term participant observation and interviews) with critical theory and media analyses. Her work is published in several books and journals including her own monographs Palestine Online (IB Tauris 2011) and the forthcoming Mediating the Makhzan (2021). She teaches Middle East politics, critical theory of the internet and global media. She is a member of the editorial board of Historical Materialism. (2021)