Mnémopolis d'après Maurice Roche

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Mnémopolis (d’après Maurice Roche)
Author Françoise Rojare
Language French
Publisher Adverse (7€)
City Paris
Year 2016
Pages 32
Format 14 cm x 20.5 cm
E-book PDF (42 mb), PDF (2008 reprint by Avance)

In 1970, in the 5th number of the journal Change, subtitled "Le Dessin du Récit", Françoise Rojare attempted to graphically reinterpret one of the most significant books of literary modernity of the time: le Compact by Maurice Roche. Carried by a remarkably sharp gaze, Rojare aptly fed on Lettrist hypergraphics, typography, graphic scores and comics to produce 30 boards of dizzying avant-gardism, in no way diminished by the test of time. Some forty-six years after its realization, there is no doubt that the independent publication of this Mnemopolis will put in their place a number of conceited pseudo-innovators. (from publisher)