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In September 2006 one of the largest and probably the most up-to-date modern and contemporary art gallery in Hungary and its greater region was opened. The MODEM is remarkably suitable for being the centre of modern and contemporary international art life in Central Europe according to its size, position and architectural conditions.

The MODEM Centre for Modern and Contemporary Art can be found on the newly formed Baltazár Dezső Square in Debrecen. The three-storey gallery is altogether 4650 square metres, from which more than 3000 square metres serve as an exhibition area. On the second floor one can find the largest linked - more than 1300 square metres - exhibition hall, where several masterpieces of the Hungarian modern and contemporary art are exhibited from the famous collection Antal-Lusztig. Besides exhibitions programmes of attendant arts (films, concerts), art historical and philosophical lectures, evenings of literature and museumpedagogy lessons are organised in the art institution.