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Educational institutions are incubators of social change by creating concerned, involved citizens.

By educating me about social ills, every school I have been a part of has strengthened in me the belief that social engagement should be every educated individual's responsibility. This is especially important nowadays when injustice, indifference and consumerism are rampant, driving humanity towards decadence and crisis. It is only by taking an active stand that I can aspire to participate and contribute to the betterment of the society I live in.

I believe this is a time of change, a time of many challenges, and a turning point for humanity. The financial crisis is in full swing; global warming keeps changing the world every day, and poverty has reached its highest point in recent history. We are faced with various wars and unrest around the world. And it is only by turning as many people as we can to social action that we can hope to turn things around. I look forward to being part of that change.

I studied International Business in Colombia, looking to expand my horizons and see the world from a global perspective. The core of the program was interdisciplinary, focused on entrepreneurship in an international environment which responds to the growing necessity for Colombia to be a positive player in the international arena. I was trained to be a creator and promoter of ideas in the public and private sectors. Later on, living and studying in New York was a life-changing experience for me personally and professionally. American education, with its mixed emphasis on pragmatism and social responsibility, had a huge impact on me. I discovered that an entrepreneurial instinct had endless possibilities in the social and art spheres. During my studies in New York I had the opportunity to discover my interests and my love for the arts. My volunteer work taught me that art is a powerful tool for bringing about social change.

In Bulgaria I look forward to bring all these knowledge together and work towards meaninful and lasting change.

Alexander Acosta Osorio