Muji Life & Yangire/Yandere

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Muji Life & Yangire/Yandere
Author Hetamoé
Language English
Publisher self-published (Clube do Inferno) (out of stock)
City Lisbon
Year 2015
Pages 24, 24
Format 19 cm x 19 cm, 19 cm x 14.5 cm
Fabrication Risograph, B/W laser printing
E-book PDF (21 mb)

"Muji Life + Yangire/Yandere is a theoretical-practical zine comprising a comic and an essay (respectively), both engaging with the Japanese concepts of yandere (love-struck and psycho) and yangire (cute and psycho). Parodying the look and dimensions of Muji’s catalogue – the Japanese seller of household supplies whose Bauhaus-style minimalism is iconic of an ideal domestic order – Muji Life addresses the underlying connection between madness and method, violence and mundanity, through the eyes of a bloodthirsty “psychotic girl”. Its counterpart, Yangire/Yandere, explores the meaning and (ideological, political) ambivalence of yandere and yangire characters in anime, games and popular culture, including Mirai Nikki, Elfen Lied, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, Lucky Star, Yandere Simulator and the Sada Abe Incident." (from author)