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Jump to navigation Jump to search - initiative netzkultur was founded by Reni Hofmüller, Wolfgang Reinisch, Winfried Ritsch and Jogi Hofmüller in 1998.

The association is based in Graz, operates a server farm on site and is connected to the worldwide network via ACOnet (Austrian Scientific Network).

The network is a virtual, growing platform of art and culture professionals from different fields for the development and promotion of net culture.

The initiative is committed to the development of technology using free software (open source). Difference-building media diversity, unrestricted information flow and transparent knowledge transfer form the content parameters of the net/art/work.

Team is organised as a self-administered, non-commercial operation and forms the infrastructural basis (backbone) for the work of the community at a high technical level. creates conditions and expands the possibilities for net art and net use. (2022)