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NOISE=NOISE / NNNNN is a noise research laboratory and live performance platform.

Established in 2006 as a live performance event aiming to develop a platform and network of artists, programmers, and researchers, working in the realms of noise, experimental, exploratory, and outsider arts.

Over the years it has showcased hundreds of artists, academics, hackers, dancers, and performers ranging from the internationally acclaimed to the underground lurker. noise=noise events have occurred in a wide range of venues from contemporary art and academic institutions to derelict warehouses and squats.

Since 2010 noise=noise has been delivering a broad range of workshops in various FLOSS and DIY hard and software for the creation of audiovisual tools and techniques for live performance, installation, and personal research and development.

In 2011 noise=noise has found a base in Unit 73a Regent Studios, London. It will continue to deliver regular workshops and performance events promoting noise, exploratory, experimental, outsider, and DIY arts.