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The New York Digital Salon (NYDS), founded in 1993, has over twenty-years of history at the forefront of digital art, hosts exhibitions, public lectures, educational and public programs.

The New York Digital Salon believes that international dialogue and partnerships in the arts are a unifying force for cultural exchange. In the fall of 2003, the New York Digital Salon marked its 10th anniversary with the exhibition "Vectors: Digital Art of Our Time" and related scholarly and public activities to showcase the work of international artists selected by leading curators from around the world. For its 20th anniversary, the New York Digital Salon hosted “The American Algorists: Linear Sublime.”

"The New York Digital Salon has been founded in an effort to establish a regular venue for the exhibition of computer art in New York City. The computer has already had a profound impact on television, cinema, and graphic design. Photography is being transformed from an art form based on chemistry to one based on computation. The new arena of interactive multimedia is burgeoning as telephone and cable companies merge to create high bandwidth networks that will deliver interactive services to the home. All this activity signals a fundamental paradigm shift in human communication. The conduits of culture are migrating from passive analog media broadcast out of competitive centers of power to interactive digital media globally networked to a collaborative population.

Computers offer all artists radically new ways of creating and exhibiting their work, and the resources of digital technology have only begun to be tapped. In establishing the New York Digital Salon, we hope to foster experimentation and exploration on the digital frontier by providing a forum for the exhibition and discussion of the new work. It is our hope to contribute to humane and innovative applications of the technology." (1993, Timothy Binkley, Chair)

The Salon has featured many prominent, internationally recognized digital and interactive multimedia artists, and invited distinguished new media curators to jury, among them Victor Acevedo, Patricia Bentson, Natalie Bookchin, Jeff Burden, Greg Carter, David Chalk, Stewart Dickson, Ivor Diosi, Ken Feingold, Diane Fenster, Monika Fleischmann, Doron Golan, Wendy Grossman, Bob Hall, Pamela Hobbs, Perry Hoberman, Keiko Iseki, Pamela Jennings, Eduardo Kac, Ronaldo Kiel, Antoinette LaFarge, Patrick Lichty, Peter Oppenheimer, Eric Paulos, Elizabeth Royden, Robert Michael Smith, Robert Stratton, Roman Verostko, Corinne Whitaker, Mark Wilson, Richard Wright, Bruce Wands, Timothy Binkley and many others.

Several of the Salons were extensively covered by the Leonardo Journal, often with a special issue including a catalogue of the exhibition and essays by the participating artists and curators.