Nelson Morpurgo

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Nelson Morpurgo was born in Cairo in 1899, studied law and jurisprudence in France and Italy, and began the practice of law in Cairo in 1933. After World War II he became legal advisor to the Italian Consulate in Egypt, and later was a founder of and advisor to the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Egypt. Morpurgo is best known as a Futurist author and as a friend of Filippo Marinetti. His publications include Morfina (1921); Il fuoco delle Piramidi (1923) [1]; and Per le mi donne (1932). After his retirement in Rimini, Morpurgo organized a conference on Futurism and participated in the celebration of the centenary of Marinetti's birth in 1976. He died in Rimini on October 11, 1978. (Source)

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