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Neon was founded in Bologna in 1981 in a small space on via Solferino. A meeting with Francesca Alinovi generated an intense period of collaboration, the discovery of graffiti artists and the no-wave movement in New York, and the short-lived Enfatismo. In 1988 neon resumed activity with exhibitions of works by Cattelan, Vitone, Marisaldi, Viel, Cuoghi Corsello, Zanazzo, Fantin, Norese, Mala, Vetrugno, Giambi, M+M, Tesi, Bolognini, Zuffi, Mercuri, Meyer, Maloberti, Uberti, and Avveduti. The relocation of the gallery to via Zanardi in 2003 coincided with the launch of neon>campobase, a sort of laboratory facilitating the search for an update of the gallery structure as a succession of situations inspiring collaborations, intersections, exchanges, and discussions. Between 2003 and 2004 neon>projectbox was active in Milan; it took the form of a minimal space that presented various types of site-specific projects in an attempt to superimpose and integrate the work itself and the space in which it is shown. Among the artists who participated were Sophie Usunier, Mili Romano, Barbara Fässler, Cristine De La Garenne, and Dörte Mayer. 2005 witnessed the launch of neon>containter_20, a project in which the various events it comprised were conditioned by the typology of a space of intervention- a container of standard dimensions for the transport of merchandise- and all the implications and references this element suggests. The first artist to participate in this initiative was Alessandra Andrini, who created an installation near Largo La Foppa during the Salone del Mobile. In the same year neon>fdv was inaugurated, a new space in Milan that joined neon>campobase in a autonomous but coordinated program with the goal of establishing a connection and facilitating the circulation of new energies between the two cities.