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Net Art Review was a mailing list for critical writings about net art and its crossover to other fields in new media. It was considered an educational resource, where online communities can learn about interesting new media projects. Initiated by Eduardo Navas, an artist. Existed from February 2003 to September 2005. Then followed by New Media Fix portal.

Eduardo Navas: "NAR is a resource for anyone to express a critical voice and for others to learn about art.. We have a format that is loose enough to let collaborators write in any given style, while being specific about the subjects that are covered.. The focus of Net Art Review demands that the writers take their contributions much more seriously than posting to a list."

Contributing editors: Ana Boa-Ventura (Austin, TX, US), Molly Hankwitz (Brisbane, AU/San Francisco, US), Lora McPhail (Los Angeles, CA, US), Eduardo Navas (Los Angeles/San Diego, CA, US).